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Hi.. Zimbudzi Takura is my name. Firstly I would like to tell you about my love for Transition foundation. The organisation has helped me to improve on my studies. study improvement. I am grade 10 learner and ever since we have been on lockdown and always self studying while we are cannot be in school. I organise my relaxation activities with minimum studying: I usually wake up Around 09:30 Am and start cleaning the house, make breakfast for my siblings and bath them At 11:00 I watch one or two movies then go buy kotas for my siblings and continue watching movies untill 17:00. By this time, I am ready to bath . Soon after that, I start to DJ on my phone with this cool app I have for only 30 minutes. My free time ends there. I thereafter go and dedicate one hour on my school studies and soon after I start watching my favourite TV programmes while washing dishes in between TV programmes soo after my family and I ate dinner. By nine o'clock I go straight to bed...... And that's all I do all day everyday 🙃 while we are striving through lockdown.....
Zimbudzi Takura
Grade 10 Learner
Im Lucy Kgatle and I am doing grade 10. Kindly allow me to share my lockdown experience with you Being on lockdown , life hasn't been so easy . We had to adjust and adapt to some new living conditions . Wearing a face mask , having to sanitize before entering a mall or anywhere, practicing safe socail distancing , watching channel 404 everyday and communicating through video calls every now and then has become the new norm . We had to stop doing some things we enjoyed the most like, excersing, going to the mall, cinema, church and school and having get togethers. Even when some activities were allowed to take place, I was scared to partake and continue vring on level 5. We had familiarise ourselves with new boards written" no mask no entry "and" practice safe social distancing" . To be honest i spent my first weeks of lockdown doing nothing but lazing around . Until I decided to do sometihing with my life. Before having breakfast I clean the house and then after breakfast I do some home workouts. This is how my daily morning routine goes. I spend two days a week to study and practice my school work.The apps and WhatsApp groupchats for learning assist a lot when I'm experiencing difficulties. Since I'm into fashion, my friend and I are working on a clothing brand named #Adrenalin. I spend some of my time working on the brand and coming up with new ideas and designs for our brand . I spend my week trying to be creative, paving my way to the world of art through design and poetry. Besides art I help my sister out with her takeaways business, which contributes to my cooking skills . I like spending time online , surfing through the internet on apps such as Facebook , WhatsApp and Instagram and YouTube. This is the great way to relax and it is also a great way to keep myself busy on social media. The new norm of Socialising has helped me to look forward to the next day
Lucky Kgatle
Grade 10 Learner
I'm Justice Nqwala, I stay in Ivory Park Ext 2 and in Grade 11. I am very happy we will soon be on COVID-19 level 1 lockdown. Level 1 will give us an opportunity to go to the library. What a relief! I cannot wait for libraries to open for studying and research. It is difficult to study at home. I am currently studying between 00:30 to 06h00 every day. During the day, it is noisy in my community. We should always wear a mask and keeping your distance from people should be a norm. In my community, many people do not wear any masks because they think COVID-19 is no longer a threat. I am agaisnt adding Friday as the day of selling alcohol but businesses needs to make profit and other people survive by selling it. I see the president's decision on alcohol and cigarettes as more like a good thing in a bad thing. Do not forget to wear a mask and keep distance as we go back to study in libraries. As we go to level 1, can we please be more safe with safety protocols cause the virus is still out there. How are you feeling about the country going to COVID-19 lockdown level 1?
Justice Nqwala
Grade 11 Learner

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