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The #AfterSchoolSA field is an essential part of communities’ response to the coronavirus pandemic. Transitions Foundation innovated their services to support their leaners through an online teaching and learning programme. Partnerships were key in the successful implementation of these programmes. We are grateful to all the organisations who collaborated with us to enhance our programme planning and execution: I. The African Sports & Scholastic Initiative for Students in Townships (The ASSIST): provides academic support, athletic coaching, and personal mentorship to students in Alexandra township connected us with knowledgeable tutors who volunteer their time providing individual online academic assistance to our learners.II. Mamelodi Initiative: trained our tutors and a project coordinator on using the Zoom App as an online teaching tool. The team learnt to use the functions of Zoom to better offer the virtual teaching techniques. Transitions has been offering their summer virtual schooling for a month now and and the lessons learnt from Mamelodi Initiatives has broaden our horizon in supporting our learners.III. The LAG is a key partner in our Lives-in-Transition programme, which is our soft skills development, career skills development, and master classes programme. LAG is assisting our learners develop their personal vision, mission and values strategy. Through their support, leaners are able to reflect on subject choices and school marks they need to achieve today towards their career goals. Thank you The ASSIST, Mamelodi Initiative and The LAG for your support in ensuring that Transitions shines the #LightsOnAfterSchoollearners.

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