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Project TitleDescriptionObjectivesProgramme Area
Minds-In-Transition programmeWe provide intensive maths and science tutoring, where we focus on problem areas in those subjects• To deepen understanding and increase the learners’ confidence in their ability to excel in these subjects.
• Improved leaner academic achievements in maths and science
• Improved leaner aspirations for maths and science careers
• Decreased drop-out rates due to maths and science
Highschool Academic
Lives-in-Transition programmeA soft skills development, career skills development, and master classes• To equip learners with the social and interpersonal skills that enable them to cope with the demands of everyday life and take responsibility for what they do
• To promote physical health and well-being of leaners
Highschool life-skills
Mentorship programmeThe learners are matched with a mentor over 3 years.• To broaden understanding of industry requirements and youth career aspirations
• To support learners with their career endeavours
• Broadened network for leaners
Highschool Life-skills
Career support & ExhibitionsWe present different careers to leaners using different modalities• To raise awareness of various careers and business opportunities mainly in science & other fields
• To increase leaners access into higher learning and training institutions
• To develop study skills
Career Skills
Winter retreatGrade 10s take part in week-long Winter Retreat in Magaliesburg• Leadership & team buildingHighschool Life-skills
Field TripsLeaners take part in educational field trips to historic sites, companies & expos• To offer leaners a unique cultural learning experience.
• To introduce learners to new environments and encouraging curiosity about a given subject.
• To broadening a leaner’s understanding of the world and their place in it.
• Development of social and personal skills
Highschool Life-skills
Book ClubLeaners receive two books a year to read and discuss. We also bring writers to present about writing careers• To promote literacy and introduce leaners to writing and writing careers
• To turn leaners into book lovers
• Bring learners together to learn about and discuss something that matters to them
• Help learners make new connections
Arts and Culture