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About us

Founded in 2013, Transitions Foundation (TF) is an organisation that attempts to improve the performance of young South Africans across the spectrum of educational needs. We recognise that young South Africans face a myriad of challenges as they try to transition their way through their schooling years and our aim is to facilitate these transitions by helping them overcome the obstacles that lie between hardship and happiness. Through our Winter and Summer programmes, we provide tutoring and mentoring, master classes with some of the country’s most talented young people and leadership and workplace skills development to help our country’s youth make the transition.

Our value-add

  • Our academic programme focuses on teaching quality mathemathics and science. To facilitate better learning, understanding and engagement with the subjects, our tutors use more diversification of teaching methods and are more of facilitators to learners.
  • Our activities tie several subjects to each other in an interdisciplinary way as well as to the full spectrum of the rapidly changing business and professional world. We support a life-long career and life-readiness way of educating and learning that is adaptable to the rapidly changing global world we live in.
  • Our activities help leaners evaluate local to global career, hobby and life opportunities and developments in historical, current and potential contexts. Learners are challenged to learn and apply the breadth and depth of content and skill sets across the disciplines. Students are asked to perpetually evaluate their points of interest, experiences and talents with ongoing portfolio development, which becomes useful for applying to extra-curricular and post-graduation pursuits